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The Last Supper – Art Analysis

The Last Supper

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Location: Santa Maria delle Grazie
Dimensions: 4.6 m x 8.8 m
Created: 1495–1498
Subject: Jesus Christ
Genre: Mural Painting

The Last Supper

The Last Supper by  Leonardo da Vinci is considered as the most famous religious art in history. Leonardo da Vinci was a mysterious man himself and all of his great creations also have some mystery in it. Many art analyst say that this painting have many hidden code or meaning or message.

Leonardo worked for Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan for nearly 18 years. Ludovico Sforza commissioned this work in 1495. Leonardo finished it in 1498. This work was a part of the renovation of the  Santa Maria della Grazie church. This painting was a visual expression of the last supper of Jesus Christ described in the Gospel of John, 13:21. Leonardo depicted the situation when Jesus announced that one of the Twelve Disciples would betray him.

Dimension of The Last Supper was  460 × 880 cm (180 × 350 in) covering the dining hall of Santa Maria della Grazie church. This painting have the 13 person in it. The Twelve Disciples and Jesus Christ himself. The Twelve Disciples were (left to right) Bartholomew, James Minor, Andrew, Judas, Peter, John, Thomas, James Major, Philip, Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon.

Instead of applying the regular painting method, Leonardo applied the dry plaster method to make the painting a more varied palette. But the plaster wasn’t so durable. So the painting had a lot of restoration attempt during 1500s. Even during the deterioration of the painting, some monk thought that it has no value anymore and they allowed to make a doorway at the middle of the painting destroying Jesus’s feet and some part of the table.

After long process of destroy an restoration, this painting is still standing with its significant, wonderful and creative characteristics. And The Last Supper is still one of the most famous masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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